Our Story

You might be thinking that this is just another garage start up, and well yes, you are definitely right! Lument started 100% honestly from the garage, as this was the only place where we could make such a mess. If you still don’t believe us, ask our neighbors, they are our witnesses. The story continues. Ivana and Ina are two friends and enormous plant lovers who like anything that has to do with plants and nature. In addition to plants, both of us work in the construction industry, and no, we are not civil engineers, we are just two economists who are fascinated by construction and the whole process behind it and that’s kind of how we ended up in this industry. We were actually flying together to Edinburgh and the idea came out of nowhere, literally in the sky. By now you might be wondering how all of this is connected to each other. Well, plants and construction make the perfect combination and we will explain how.


Our passion for plants and our involvement in numerous plant workshops and our expertise in the construction industry have stimulated our interest in producing a product that combines all of this together. We immediately knew that we needed to combine our passion and hobby with our work and that’s how we came to the idea of creating flowers with the main construction material, which is cement. By the way, just to interrupt our story with a quick fun fact, cement is actually the most widely used commodity after water. So, why not use cement to create flowerpots that suit any interior and exterior due to its simplicity and elegance, but at the same time its imperfectness that makes it so special and unique. One of our main aims is to really highlight the beauty of imperfectness due to cement’s raw and unpredictable texture, which makes each and every product highly distinctive and rare. That is why we think of Lument as beautiful cement.  We hope that our products can also inform everyone about the importance of cement and its strength and durability, which is a crucial component of all of our flowerpots.


Well, I think we have summarized the most important parts of our story and now we are more than thrilled to present our unique flowerpot collections that began solely out of love for plants and our expertise in the construction industry.


Stay tuned, we will now introduce you to all the ways of making cement beautiful and creative.


Lots of love,

Ivana and Ina